My Brookings/C-span discussion of bank stress tests (and the future of financial regulation)

  I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel after a speech delivered by Randall Quarles, the Vice Chairman of Supervision for the Federal Reserve, which concerned a variety of recent developments concerning the future of financial regulation.  The … Continue Reading

William Hinman, Bryan Stirewalt, and Pradeep Belur to Join Fintech Week

Washington’s Fintech Week now welcomes the SEC’s Director of Corporate Finance, Bill Hinman (Monday), Bryan Stirewalt, Chief Executive of the Dubai Financial Services Authority (Tuesday), and the Small Business Authority’s Chief Operating Officer, Pradeep Belur (Wednesday), right before our Shark … Continue Reading

Traditional Banks are Adopting Digital Banking

The American Banker reports that  as they face intense deposit competition from online-only banks, many traditional banks are looking to turbocharge their deposit gathering by launching — or considering launching — digital banks of their own. The interesting question will … Continue Reading

Thoughts on Cybersecurity Disclosures

Cybersecurity reporting is tough.  As Wired magazine notes, “Reporting every tiny remediation to a regulator could be impractical, and might discourage organizations from looking for bugs in the first place. But some data exposures do rise to the level of … Continue Reading

Crypto-Enforcement Leads to Spike in Fintech Fines at CFTC

At a recent event in Minneapolis, CFTC chairman Christopher Giancarlo noted increased enforcement actions last year, partly due to fraudulent crypto cases.  As a consequence, enforcement actions and fines increased significantly in the last fiscal year.  The story can be … Continue Reading

Coin Desk Ranks Georgetown Among Top 10 “Blockchain Universities”

I’m absolutely delighted that Georgetown has been lauded by Coin Desk as one of the top-10 universities in the instruction of blockchain-related courses.  My brand new course on ICOs, Cryptocurrencies, and the Law earned a special mention.  The full ranking … Continue Reading

Speakers Unveiled for Fintech Week

The full roster of speakers for Fintech Week is up and available now!  From Amazon to Zcash, and from the Comptroller of the Currency to the Co-Director of Colombia’s central bank, experts will come to Washington to discuss the future … Continue Reading

France seeks to attract ICOs “Globally”

The French stock markets regulator Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) is now empowered to give licenses to companies that want to raise funds via an ICO, with the legislation aiming to help protect contributors’ interests.  As Cointelegraphy writes: “[P]rior to any … Continue Reading

OCC sued (again) for fintech charter

US state financial regulators are reportedly renewing their litigation efforts over the recent decision by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency to create a special purpose charter for financial technology firms.  This is the second time that the … Continue Reading

Member of European Parliament Considering “Passport” for ICO tokens throughout Europe

Ashley Fox, a Member of the European Parliament (MEP), held a meeting on Tuesday to discuss proposed regulations that would set in place new rules for ICOs and, more specifically, the people and businesses that conduct them. Fox said that the rules would be … Continue Reading