Why Brexit Will Spur EU-level Regulation in Banking, Securities—and Ultimately Fintech

Over the course of the week, ECB officials made considerable news by vocally pushing for greater EU-level supervision of Continental capital markets as Brexit progressed.  Expect such calls to grow louder, and to continue far after London’s divorce from Europe … Continue Reading

The US considers a 5-year sunset provision for NAFTA

Under some of the most recent terms brought up in the NAFTA negotiation, the United States is apparently seeking a provision whereby NAFTA would expire in five years, unless all countries agreed to renew it.  Yet as one Canadian news … Continue Reading

Venture Capitalists Plan Berkshire Hathaway of Tech

The business world has been buzzing about Chamath Palihapitiya’s attempts to orient Social Capital Hedosophia as vehicle for acquiring tech firms, and in the process ease entrepreneurs’ access to public markets. Business Insider reports that the mogul has launched a … Continue Reading

My conversation with Former Obama CIA Deputy Director on Russia and North Korea Sanctions

…is here:  https://www.c-span.org/video/?433825-1/russia-venezuela-north-korea-sanctions Many thanks to Georgetown Law and the Atlantic Council for helping the IIEL shepherd a thoughtful and informative event on an especially important day of national self-reflection and commitment.

SIFIs, Insurers and Hurricanes

One of the more controversial aspects of Dodd Frank was whether or not large, multi-billion dollar insurers should be subject to capital constraints reserved for large banks.  One interesting op-ed suggests that AIG should not be.  According to Bloomberg’s Stephen … Continue Reading

On BITs, Prudential Regulation, and Capital Flows

One of the more interesting questions floating around the Academy at the moment—and with implications for real world businesses and regulators alike—is whether bilateral investment treaties undermine the ability of governments to apply cross-border financial regulations. The concern stems in part … Continue Reading

US rethinks pulling out of KORUS (and is reminded that trade isn’t just economics)

One of the more surprising aspects of international trade for newcomers is that treatymaking is not just about economics, but geopolitics as well. This was, after all, one of the rationales behind the TPP—that to secure US relevance in Asia, and … Continue Reading

China Bans Initial Coin Offerings

The People’s Bank of China has taken steps to ban initial coin offerings. The move at once conforms with US guidance and corresponding Canadian announcements to regulate digital currency—while also going beyond more tentative Western stances by prohibiting the ICO’s … Continue Reading

Basel Releases Consultative Report on Fintech

The Basel Committee put out a useful consultative report on fintech. It is not designed to provide any revolutionary ideas in supervision, but it is extremely well organized–with data on the size of fintech, an analysis of licensing frameworks, and comparisons … Continue Reading

Cross-Border Market Access for Fintech Accelerates, and Supervision Should Follow

One of the more interesting trends in fintech is the increasing accommodation and coordination of innovation hubs. Hong Kong and Dubai authorities, for example, have inked deals providing for cooperation on the development of financial technology, along with the Monetary … Continue Reading