European Parliament Could Rein in Regulators’ Discretion over Location of Euro-Clearing

Reuters has released an interesting article reporting that the European Parliament considering plans aimed at softening the discretion European Union regulators have to force London’s main clearing house to relocate, even if it wants to continue doing business in the … Continue Reading

Happy MLK Day

MLK Day has an especially poignant significance this year. My best wishes to everyone as we take time to truly remember Dr. King’s legacy and sacrifice–may we all strive to realize his highest ideals.

Canada Launches Wide-Ranging Case against US at WTO

An important development in North American trade matters not involving NAFTA happened this week.  According to Reuters, Canada launched a complaint against the US last week, challenging Washington’s use of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties.  Tom Miles goes on to report … Continue Reading

Lots of cryptocurrency news coming from Asia’s regulators

It’s been a busy (and not terribly positive) week for cryptocurrencies in Asia. First, South Korea, one of the busiest hubs for the trading of cryptocurrencies, made the unexpected announcement that the government is exploring plans to ban trading of … Continue Reading

The Falling Dollar is Impacting China’s Management of the Yuan and US Treasury Purchases

Two notable changes are coming to China’s approach to international finance, both closely tied to the precipitous decline of the US dollar in 2017.  First, the PBOC has changed the way its manages the currency by suspending (though not formally … Continue Reading

US Trade Deficit Grows to Six Year High

US News and World Report has noted that the US trade deficit has risen, unexpectedly, to six year highs: The Commerce Department said on Friday the trade gap widened 3.2 percent to $50.5 billion. That was the highest level since … Continue Reading

The Bank of Israel classifies bitcoin as an asset and not a currency—but does it create future challenges for a state-backed digital currency?

Like many central banks, the Bank of Israel was presented with the question of whether bitcoin was an asset or a currency.   Its response was not entirely surprising, especially in light of the persistent concerns surrounding the coin’s safety … Continue Reading

Pew’s Pre-Election Data on American Opinions on International Trade

With NAFTA negotiations kicking into high gear, as well as US-Korea trade talks starting up, I wanted to share an oldie but goodie from the IIEL vault: a presentation by the Pew Research Center’s Bruce Stokes on American opinions on … Continue Reading

Britain in (highly unusual) talks to join TPP

After months of speculation, reports are emerging that the UK is in talks to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership to stimulate exports after leaving the European Union. Such a move would be extremely unusual.  Indeed, it would prove one of the few … Continue Reading

EU Ambassadors Discuss Europe After Brexit

With the UK’s new announcement that it is in talks to join the TPP, we’re nearing the end of our 2017 review.  Here, inspired by the announcement, is IIEL’s forum on Europe after Brexit and what it Means for America: … Continue Reading