Meanwhile, the Exchange CME Was Planning for Bitcoin Futures Goes Down

A day after I warned on twitter that the CME would have its hands full trying to launch bitcoin trading in just over a month—the bitcoin exchange the CME was planning to use for bitcoin futures went down.  Bloomberg reports: Clients … Continue Reading

China’s IPOs Roar Back

The Wall Street Journal reports: More than 1,450 companies globally have gone public so far in 2017, putting this year on track to become the busiest for new listings since 2007, according to Dealogic data through Friday. […]  The slew … Continue Reading

Caution, Globalists, TPP Progress Shouldn’t Be Viewed as A Wholesale Rejection of “Trumpism”

Newspapers reported widely over the weekend the progress made by the 11 remaining members of the transpacific partnership agreement.  For some, it is being interpreted as a rebuke of newfound US protectionism. I’m not so sure.  for one, although disagreements … Continue Reading

A Plug for the New Encyclopedia of International Economic Law

This project has been a while in the making, but I’d like to put a plug in for Elgar’s Encyclopedia of International Economic Law.  Comprising over 250 entries written by scholars (including yours truly) and practitioners, traditional international economic law … Continue Reading

Does Trump’s Trip to Asia Indicate Non-Binding “Trade Deals” will be More Common?

Reuters has released a useful summary on new “trade deals” reached this week during President Trump’s to China.  Amongst the most interesting: * China Energy Investment Corp, the world’s largest power company by asset value, has signed a memorandum of … Continue Reading

Europeans Reportedly Looking to Poach London Corporate Litigation Business…

….which includes offering some proceedings in English.  Part of the Continent’s comparative advantage apparently involves the time necessary to conduct their affairs and certify rulings: When signing deals, companies typically agree on the jurisdiction that will hear potential disputes, and … Continue Reading

IIEL and World Economic Forum Breakfast Discussion with Washington’s Embassy Counselors:  A Brief Summary

Today the IIEL hosted a conversation with the World Economic Forum on the international trade agenda.  The forum was comprised of area trade experts and embassy delegates from some of the pivotal countries in the region, and benefitted from voices … Continue Reading

Why Addressing International Tax  Competition Needs More than Just a ‘Willingness to Work With Global Leaders’

You don’t see it too often, but philosophy scholars Danielle Wenner and Kevin Zollman published an op-ed in the New York Times on international tax competition.  The core of the op-ed’s argument is that international tax competition comprises a “coordination … Continue Reading

Argentina, Brazil and the World (and South American) Trading System

I had a very interesting conversation with Argentine trade officials, and DC-area trade specialists, on their view of Argentina’s position in the global trading system, especially in lieu of the upcoming WTO ministerial, and the potential EU-Mercosur trade agreement under … Continue Reading

New Zealand, ISDS and the TPP

News articles have covered the increasingly interesting move some countries are making to exclude investor-state dispute resolution from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.  None has been more conspicuous than New Zealand: The future of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has been thrown into … Continue Reading