Reason #345 as to how the New Deal wasn’t anticipating Cryptosecurities

As I continue researching the New Deal, and its implications for contemporary disclosures, I’ve come across yet another way today’s ICOs diverge from early IPOs anticipated by the founders of the 33 Act.  Available data suggest that the issuers of … Continue Reading

The FCA lets crypto-firms into its Regulatory Sandbox

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority has allowed entry from fintech firms experimenting with crypto assets for the first time since starting their fintech Sandbox, according to the FT.   The latest group is the sandbox’s largest with 29 companies being … Continue Reading

EU and Japan create world’s largest trade zone

European member states have given the go-ahead for a free trade deal with Japan, the world’s third-largest economy, news outlets report. Brussels said the agreement was sending “a very powerful signal against protectionism.”  More than that, it create the world’s … Continue Reading

Abu Dhabi Releases Free-Standing Crypto Framework

Abu Dhabi releases, as per recent reports,  a new regulatory framework for crypto-assets: New Crypto Framework Explained The FSRA has also published a 34-page guide for the regulation of crypto asset activities in ADGM. The document explains the regulatory framework … Continue Reading

China’s currency and Trump Tariffs

As CNBC, and other outlets have reported, China’s currency slid to a fresh six-month low against the dollar Wednesday, sparking speculation China could use a weakened yuan as a weapon if tensions with the U.S. turn into an out-and-out trade … Continue Reading

Stress tests–and the future of Soft Law

According to press coverage, it will be harder for banks to fail stress tests, due in small part to less transparency about the results.  According to the WSJ: The Fed is moving toward eliminating passing and failing grades from the … Continue Reading

Last Call for Papers for the IMF-IIEL Cryptoasset Research and Policy Workshop!

As a kick-off to its Second Annual Fintech Week to be held 5-8 November, 2018, Georgetown’s Institute of International Economic Law will co-host with the International Monetary Fund a two-day research and policy conference on cryptoassets.  The conference—which will gather … Continue Reading

JIEL’s new Issue is Out

As co-editor-in Chief of the JIEL, I’m delighted to present the Special Issue of this year’s JIEL. It offers a selection of papers presented at an academic conference on the sidelines of the WTO’s 11th Ministerial Conference which was held … Continue Reading

SEC official: Ether isn’t a Security

The SEC’s Director of the Division of Corporate Finance made some critical observations this week as to whether or not the cryptocurrency ether should be deemed a security: Putting aside the fundraising that accompanied the creation of Ether, based on … Continue Reading

What is an ICO? Hear the Podcast! (with Yours Truly)

Depending on whom you ask, Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs, are a scam, a brilliant new way for cryptocurrency companies to raise startup money, a sneaky way to get around securities regulations, or some combination of the above.  What we … Continue Reading