New Slides on Care Act Funding for Gig Workers

Davis Polk has released some of the best slides I’ve seen geared towards walking gig workers through the CARES Act. Worth a look for anyone counseling those in need. The CARES Act for Gig Workers and Those Who Work for … Continue Reading

Fintech Should Play a Role in Saving Small Business

At least that what the panelists said in a Virtual Town Hall conducted in partnership with CQ Roll Call, and Georgetown’s Law and Business Schools.  The Conversation was elaborate, ad hoc, but powerful, with interesting insights from fintech firms … Read More

Fintech Risks, and Potential, in the Age of Coronavirus

The chaos wrought by the novel coronavirus is sure to upend companies big and small, in every industry, and fintech is no exception. Still, even in the face of unprecedented turmoil, the sector could yet prove helpful in getting the … Continue Reading

Washington DC’s Fintech Week Scheduled for October!

A little earlier than usual, but the new website is up for Washington DC’s Fintech Week 2020, with a new graphic and an overview of the conference.  As in each year, experts around the world will come to Washington to … Continue Reading

Georgetown’s First Annual Seminar on Sustainable De-Fi and Financial Inclusion

Many thanks to the Barbados Financial Regulatory Commission for co-hosting with Georgetown our first annual Seminar on Sustainable De-Fi and Financial Inclusion. We had the pleasure of welcoming an all star cadre of thought leaders from the IMF to Kenya’s … Continue Reading

Lower interest rates aren’t a panacea for fintechs

Perhaps the most widely desired news coming from the world of monetary policy is the continued lowering of interest rates around the world, especially in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.  As seen just this week, the stock market reached its … Continue Reading

SIEL/JIEL/OUP Deadline for Best Essay in International Economic Law Fast Approaching

For academics reviewing this blog, please share with your students that the deadline for the 2019-2020 Essay Prize is fast approaching. Applicants should get their papers in by 14 February 2020 – please click here for the submission form and … Continue Reading

Brexit’s Lessons…for Libra?

The big international news of the month will be–alongside of course the impeachment hearings here in Washington–the formal departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union at the end of the month.   What this means for global economics, much … Continue Reading

Folks (on twitter) seem to thing digital currencies are where the action is in Fintech

On my twitter feed, I decided to do a bit of year end fun by asking folks which of four key developments: whether they be in open banking, AI/machine learning, digital currencies or quantum computing/big data, would prove to have … Continue Reading

Regulators and lawmakers actually do have different jobs

It was quite interesting listening to the venerable Maxine Waters, Chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee talk fintech on Fintech Beat–and the conversation got me thinking about how legislators make decisions as compared to regulators. And how those subtle … Continue Reading