OCC sued (again) for fintech charter

US state financial regulators are reportedly renewing their litigation efforts over the recent decision by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency to create a special purpose charter for financial technology firms.  This is the second time that the … Continue Reading

Member of European Parliament Considering “Passport” for ICO tokens throughout Europe

Ashley Fox, a Member of the European Parliament (MEP), held a meeting on Tuesday to discuss proposed regulations that would set in place new rules for ICOs and, more specifically, the people and businesses that conduct them. Fox said that the rules would be … Continue Reading

Gracias a CentroCEDEC

Muchas gracias a CentroCEDEC, El Centro de Estudios de Derecho de la Competencia, Bogota, por una excelente conferencia sobre fintech y inclusión financiera con la Corporación Financiera Internacional (IFC). Una de las lecciones importantes que aprendí: si no estás pagando … Continue Reading

UK warns EU on tit-for-tat, cross-border regulatory policies

The UK is reportedly taking a stance in finance that resembles that seen in trade:  warnings of countermeasures in response to EU financial policy.  According to the Guardian, The British government says the EU’s “equivalence regime”, under which UK providers … Continue Reading

Slides for my Financial Stability Board lecture on the “Innovation Trilemma”

Next week I’ll be traveling to Brasilia, Brazil to give a presentation for the Financial Stability Board on a coauthored paper “Fintech and the Innovation Trilemma.” (Remember, lawyers like triangles just as much as economists!)  Here is a link for the … Continue Reading

FATF Releases Report on Cryptocurrencies

The Financial Action Taskforce has, as scheduled, released a report to the G20 on Cryptocurrencies.  The study, which contains summary data on measures taken thus far, is part of an effort to review whether changes to international standards are necessary for … Continue Reading

FTC, CFPB, note security flaws with credit rating agencies

Financial and trade organizations, along with members of Congress, have advocated for federal regulators to hold credit reporting bureaus accountable for the security of vast amounts of personal information in their possession, according to recent reports. Two officials, Peggy Twohig … Continue Reading

In case you missed it: US files five new WTO claims

From the US Trade Representative’s website: United States Challenges Five WTO Members Imposing Illegal Tariffs Against U.S. Products Retaliatory Tariffs Unfairly Target U.S. Products in Myriad Sectors Washington, DC – The United States today launched separate disputes at the World … Continue Reading

When the US sanctions Iran, what will be the implications for SWIFT?

If Iranian banks are blocked from SWIFT, the (traditional) international payments networks, government interest for alternative blockchain-based payments systems is certain to rise SWIFT-ly.  (I couldn’t help it).  And it potentially wouldn’t just come from authoritarian states like Iran, Russia, … Continue Reading

A Transatlantic “Deal” without “Concessions”?

Recent news coverage is highlighting the fact that the deal struck between the US and EU on trade apparently isn’t much of one.  According to the New Yorker: In reality, the Europeans gave up little except their prior refusal to … Continue Reading