The global picture for fintech fundraises is, in a word, mixed.  Accenture reports:

The number of fintech deals globally rose about 2% from the first half of 2018, to 1,561, but activity was mixed in the world’s largest markets. While the number of deals was flat in the U.S. and rose sharply in the U.K., China and India experienced volume declines of 49% and 21%, respectively. But these were offset by higher volume elsewhere, including other parts of Asia — with Singapore and Japan seeing the number of deals increasing 55% and 33%, respectively — and in Europe, with the number of deals doubling in Sweden, to 40, and rising 27% in Germany, to 56.

One outstanding question, of course, is whether–and if so, to what extent–trade tensions could be impacting these trends (or undermining them).  The full story is here.

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