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China Bond Connect Workshop Today

SIFMA is sponsoring a workshop today on China’s Bond Connect program, where yours truly will be moderating what I think will be a fascinating discussion on where the initiative stands in a changing interest rate (and currency) environment.  The workshop … Continue Reading

(Tentative) Cross Border Agreement on Derivatives Reached

Regulators in the EU and US are mutually recognizing derivatives rules in anticipation of Mifid II: The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the European Commission (EC) said they had formally committed to treat each others’ rules as equivalent … Continue Reading

My Renminbi Paper Is Out (Just in Time for a SIFMA Workshop on the China Bond Connect)

The newest issue of the Journal of International Economic Law, for which I am Co-Editor in Chief, was just released this week.  Among the articles is my completed working paper the Renminbi and Systemic Risk.  As I head to a … Continue Reading

Yours truly will be interviewing PayPal CEO Dan Schulman and Representative McHenry on the State of Fintech…

…tomorrow from 1:15-2:15pm here in DC, at the Rayburn House Office Building, Room 2075. There are plenty of things going on the space, from the new fintech bill to concerns about government and private sector cyber hacking and infrastructure security.  I … Continue Reading

Why the UK Can’t Count on Joining NAFTA as a Brexit Back-Up Plan

Reports today were released that the UK is angling joining NAFTA if Brexit negotiations break down as part of its planning for a “no deal” scenario.  According to the Telegraph: Joining Nafta would enable the UK to boost its trade with … Continue Reading

IMF Releases its Annual Report:  Global Productivity Continues to Lag, Fund Pushes for Greater Gender Equity in Workforce

The Fund has just released its annual report.  Noticeably, the Fund’s work has grown in recent years to take into account not only standard indicia of growth, but also 21st century concerns like gender and wealth inequality. Arguably the section … Continue Reading

Interdisciplinary Sovereign Debt Research and Management Conference Begins Today in Geneva

Best wishes to everyone attending the Second Annual Interdisciplinary Sovereign Debt Research and Management Conference today in Geneva!  IIEL is a proud cosponsor, and this year’s event is all the more timely–and relevant to practitioners and academics alike. Organised by … Continue Reading

Top Three Flashpoints for International Divergence in Financial Regulation, October Edition

Every month (until I forget to do so!), I think I’ll take a bit of time to think about likely “flash points” in international coordination.  There are quite a few, and I can imagine a number of honorable mentions (think … Continue Reading

US Trade Rep Lighthizer suggests renegotiation of Latin American trade agreements up next after NAFTA

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer apparently made interesting news this week suggesting that after NAFTA, the rest of the South America could be set for a “modernization” of their relationship with the United States.  Inside Trade reports: Once the “NAFTA problem” is … Continue Reading

What Should One Expect of the SEC (and Everyone Else) after the Hack?

  The hack of the SEC’s Edgar system in September was, as I noted on twitter, not exactly unexpected for anyone who has interacted with it professionally.  That said, it has raised once again a number of longstanding industry concerns … Continue Reading