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In case you missed it: US files five new WTO claims

From the US Trade Representative’s website: United States Challenges Five WTO Members Imposing Illegal Tariffs Against U.S. Products Retaliatory Tariffs Unfairly Target U.S. Products in Myriad Sectors Washington, DC – The United States today launched separate disputes at the World … Continue Reading

When the US sanctions Iran, what will be the implications for SWIFT?

If Iranian banks are blocked from SWIFT, the (traditional) international payments networks, government interest for alternative blockchain-based payments systems is certain to rise SWIFT-ly.  (I couldn’t help it).  And it potentially wouldn’t just come from authoritarian states like Iran, Russia, … Continue Reading

A Transatlantic “Deal” without “Concessions”?

Recent news coverage is highlighting the fact that the deal struck between the US and EU on trade apparently isn’t much of one.  According to the New Yorker: In reality, the Europeans gave up little except their prior refusal to … Continue Reading

SEC rejects Winkelvoss ETF

The Securities and Exchange Commission rejected the Winkelvoss ETF over fears of price manipulation, with Commissioner Hester Pierce dissenting.  For those interested in the 95-page decision, which offers an excellent overview of the bitcoin market, I’ve posted the document in … Continue Reading

Bitwise aims to launch SEC-regulated cryptocurrency ETF

A San Francisco-based asset manager, Bitwise, is reportedly joining the race to launch a regulated ETF for cryptocurrency.  Today, the company applied to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for permission to launch an exchange traded fund that would track an a … Continue Reading

CFTC Hearing on Cryptocurrencies link (and thanks for the IIEL Shout-Out!)

The U.S. House of Agriculture Committee at a public hearing July 18 expressed their views on cryptocurrencies and regulatory frameworks. The hearing convened six witnesses— former CFTC Chairman Gary Gensler, Andreessen Horowitz managing partner Scott Kupor, the CFTC’s Daniel Gorfine, law professor Joshua Fairfield, Clovyr CEO Amber Baldet, … Continue Reading

Reason #345 as to how the New Deal wasn’t anticipating Cryptosecurities

As I continue researching the New Deal, and its implications for contemporary disclosures, I’ve come across yet another way today’s ICOs diverge from early IPOs anticipated by the founders of the 33 Act.  Available data suggest that the issuers of … Continue Reading

The FCA lets crypto-firms into its Regulatory Sandbox

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority has allowed entry from fintech firms experimenting with crypto assets for the first time since starting their fintech Sandbox, according to the FT.   The latest group is the sandbox’s largest with 29 companies being … Continue Reading

EU and Japan create world’s largest trade zone

European member states have given the go-ahead for a free trade deal with Japan, the world’s third-largest economy, news outlets report. Brussels said the agreement was sending “a very powerful signal against protectionism.”  More than that, it create the world’s … Continue Reading

Abu Dhabi Releases Free-Standing Crypto Framework

Abu Dhabi releases, as per recent reports,  a new regulatory framework for crypto-assets: New Crypto Framework Explained The FSRA has also published a 34-page guide for the regulation of crypto asset activities in ADGM. The document explains the regulatory framework … Continue Reading