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Chris Brummer: Trade and the 2016 US Presidential Election

  Trade & the 2016 U S Presidential Elections: American Attitudes on Trade, the Latest on TPP, TTIP. A talk hosted by Georgetown University and The Institute for International Economic Law.

Chris Brummer Interviews Paypal CEO Daniel Schulman

Chris Brummer and Daniel Schulman talk: · Fintech · Mobile · Financial inclusion · Regulations · Digital payments · Security · Global changes · China and India · Digitization of money · Power of a bank branch in the palm … Continue Reading

Chris Brummer speaks with Thomas J Curry

Exploring Special Purpose National Bank Charters for Fintech Companies: A Conversation with Comptrol. A talk hosted by Georgetown University and The Institute for International Economic Law

My (Really Interesting) Interview with Paypal CEO Dan Schulman

  I had the great pleasure of recently interviewing PayPal CEO Daniel Schulman on the future of commerce, fintech, and financial inclusion on Capitol Hill as part of IIEL’s expanding Fintech programming.   The entire conversation was brimming with interesting insights, so … Continue Reading

US Trade Representative Offers Sharp Critique of WTO in Argentina

As has now been reported, the US trade representative levied a critique against the body largely focusing largely on three themes: First, that some wealthy emerging countries are masquerading as “developing”—and in the process avoiding implementing their WTO commitments Second, … Continue Reading

Coinbase becomes most downloaded in Apple’s App Store (and credit is really helping fuel bitcoin speculation)

The FT reports that Coinbase, an online bitcoin trading service, became the most-downloaded free app on Apple’s App Store over the weekend.  Combined with the fact that trading on at least one exchange (in Tokyo) is being fueled in part … Continue Reading

Bitcoin futures trading goes live on Sunday.  Here are a couple of things to watch for.

The trading of bitcoin futures is scheduled to go live next week on the Cboe, and later in the month, on the CME.  As bitcoin hits mainstream markets, some folks are expecting major questions about its ultimate viability as a … Continue Reading

The Plot Thickens on the Future of Bitcoin Futures

Much ado has been made by the CME’s decision to list bitcoin futures—and the acceptance and support voiced by the CFTC in move.  But not everyone is happy.  Not only has the ICE chosen not to list Bitcoin futures products, … Continue Reading

Odds of terminating NAFTA “50/50”–and Mexico open to “user fee”

Mexico’s ambassador to the U.S. has declared that the odds of renegotiating NAFTA as standing at “about 50-50” odds.  His remarks come on the heels of five rounds of talks aimed at modernizing the accord.  The story can be found … Continue Reading

U.S. SEC institutes first ICO charges

Following their initial warnings about ICOs and the still significant reach of the US securities laws, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed charges against two organizers of a $15 million initial coin offering (ICO).  According to reports: Two … Continue Reading