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Thanks to PayPal for Invitation to talk Crypto, Payments and Sustainability

Thanks to PayPal for the opportunity to employees this month about all things crypto, fintech product design, and sustainability. And a special thanks for the great digital souvenir below–that I’m now going to convert to an #NFT and see how … Continue Reading

The Honor and Privilege of Addressing the SEC as its Black History Month Keynote

Having the opportunity to offer my thoughts to the men and women of this great agency was one of the true highlights of my career.  And I have been overwhelmed by the feedback from civil servants—and policymakers and people of … Continue Reading

Fun Interview with Idea Mensch

I noticed belatedly an interview was out on Idea Mensch on Fintech Week where I answer a range of questions from the standpoint of an academic ideas ‘entrepreneur.’  Cool stuff. Where did the idea for Fintech Week come from? Fintech Week … Continue Reading

Awaiting a theory of the “Team”

COVID-19 is catalyzing changes in how companies do business: more online, remote, more ad hoc, more fluid and task-oriented.  I think one consequence will be that law professors will have to grapple with revamped theory of business associations.   For much of … Continue Reading

Great chat with central bankers on CBDCs at DC Fintech Week

DC Fintech Week 2020 is a wrap, and this week I’m doing a bit of a victory lap thinking through some of the interesting conversations I was honored to participate in and watch. And in that vein I’m thankful to … Continue Reading

Looking forward to interview with Atlanta Fed’s Bostic

I’m looking forward to joining the Fintech South conference next week to moderate a fireside chat with Raphael Bostic, the President of the Atlanta Federal Reserve. The event will draw experts from around the country, and our conversation will focus … Continue Reading

Brookings to release my study on Black regulators

I’m absolutely delighted that Brookings will be publishing my study on (the absence of) Black financial regulators, and hosting a forum on the topic with a range of participants including Chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee Maxine Waters, Minnesota … Continue Reading

Digital Dollar Projects Should Go In Big on Inclusion

In the fintech community, financial inclusion isn’t usually a question about whether it’s needed, but is instead about which one of a growing number of technologies is best suited to achieve it — or will be first out the gate … Continue Reading

Happy 90th, BIS!

I have the wonderful occasion of contributing to the BIS’s new book, Promoting Global Monetary and Financial Stability, The Bank for International Settlements after Bretton Woods, 1973-2020.  The collection of essays are designed to highlight the significant role in the … Continue Reading

A Shrinking Fintech Ecosystem?

Big companies are, by their very nature, usually better suited to survive economic crises. When economies go into recession, capital markets tend to freeze up as banks and other financial institutions become skeptical (and scared) of lending money to firms. … Continue Reading