Pew’s Pre-Election Data on American Opinions on International Trade

With NAFTA negotiations kicking into high gear, as well as US-Korea trade talks starting up, I wanted to share an oldie but goodie from the IIEL vault: a presentation by the Pew Research Center’s Bruce Stokes on American opinions on … Continue Reading

EU Ambassadors Discuss Europe After Brexit

With the UK’s new announcement that it is in talks to join the TPP, we’re nearing the end of our 2017 review.  Here, inspired by the announcement, is IIEL’s forum on Europe after Brexit and what it Means for America: … Continue Reading

Jeremy Kroll Discusses Cybersecurity, Investing in Fintech

Jeremy M. Kroll, President, CEO & Co-Founder of K2 Intelligence, was one of our keynotes for this year’s Fintech Week.  See here our interview on a number of topics, including the use of cryptocurrencies in cyber-ransoms and how fintech is changing finance. … Continue Reading

The original fintech charter announcement (video)

There’s been a lot of fascinating debate recently about fintech charters, and with the recent failed attempt by New York regulators to stifle the OCC’s initiatives, I wanted to take a much delayed opportunity to rebroadcast here on the blog … Continue Reading