I’m looking forward to joining the Fintech South conference next week to moderate a fireside chat with Raphael Bostic, the President of the Atlanta Federal Reserve. The event will draw experts from around the country, and our conversation will focus on what the Atlanta Fed is doing as it pertains to fintech, and financial technology means for the bank’s constituents and stakeholders.

I’m especially interested because all too often, the issue of fintech is relegated to a matter of Fed Board innovation, but there’s really an enormous amount of activity among the different regional banks in the Federal Reserve System. Sometimes (say in the case of the Boston Fed) it’s a little more hands on, and in others (say, with the San Fran Fed) it’s a little more theoretical, but in any case policy is moved in different parts of the Federal Reserve system, and Atlanta is no exception.

The full conference proceedings can be found here: https://fintechsouth.com

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